Denika Bedrossian

Celebrity Makeup Artist Denika Bedrossian, well known for her intricate liquid eye liner and defined cat eye, has always had a passion for beauty, glam, music and fashion. With over a decade of experience under her belt,  Denika's extensive knowledge of makeup has allowed her to master the art of enhancing ones natural beauty. Not only is Denika well known for her unique style and vivacious character, but also has a reputation for perfecting the face through contour, highlighting and blending. Her modern techniques, fused with her 50's inspired style, leaves her clients looking classic and unforgettable. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Denika had an eye for makeup at an early age. Growing up with a paint brush in hand, Denika learned the use of blending and colors through all different textures of canvas's and paints. As she grew creatively, her love of makeup grew and her use of canvas's moved on to faces. She began her career working with several different cosmetic companies, mastering products, tools and skills. Her persistence and hard work pushed Denika to move into music, fashion and film.. Working with photographers such as Patrick DeMarchelier, Davis Factor, Terry Richardson, Rankin and Brian Bowen Smith. Her celebrity clientele includes some of hollywoods hottest stars such as Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne, Kelis and Hannah Simone.  Some of her work has been featured in magazines such as Glamour, InStyle, Teen Vogue, L'uomo Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Denika has traveled the world from Europe to South America doing Makeup, Body Painting and grooming. Her passion for color, photography, beauty and fashion, has made her an asset to the makeup industry.